Owner of One80 Fitness, Dan Willment, has been in the industry for a number of years, and has worked with some of the best fitness specialists, and personal trainers. Helping clients achieve goals such as completing 100 Milers, competing in Iron man events, training for the Sani-2-C, and shedding weight, he has developed a clear cut method to achieving any fitness related goal. Th facility and programs cater to anyone who has a desire to reach their full potential

8 Week Challenge

Turn your fitness around in the all new One80 Challenge. 8 weeks of professionally structured high intensity sessions, in a program designed to maximise your fitness levels and drop those unwanted kilos.

One80 Online Coaching

The One80 Point One body transformation brings together focused personal training, and high intensity styled training to give you a balanced program and the best opportunity for you to get optimal results in a 4, 6, or 8 week period. You choose the time frame and we will deliver the results.

Personal Training

1-on-1 Training with one of our experienced Personal Trainers at Dan Willment Fitness.

Athlete X
We have designed a program to take you through 6 big events in 6 months. The challenge has been set and all you need to do is complete all 6 events to become an Athlete X.

The One80 Fitness facility is based in a business park in the heart of Hillcrest. With ample parking, a quiet setting, and a relaxed atmosphere, the facility is suited to absolutely anyone who wants only the best in fitness.


Personal Trainers at Dan Willment fitness are all highly qualified, and together, have developed unique techniques to help the body reach its full potential.

We do Fitness and Sports Rehabilitation with sustainable results, keeping your Optimum Health as our top priority.

Phone- 072 350 1785

Mafuvuka Business Park
28 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest

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