On the 15th July 2007 I was in a motorbike accident that changed my life forever. I had 14 fractures in total. My  Forearm Radius and ulna were both broken missing a pieces of bone. My Tibia in my right leg was a complete break. I had 3 broken fingers and a dislocated palm with a hair line fracture. Both arms and legs were completely bandaged. Not being able to walk I spent nine days in a hospital bed without moving where I also picked up double pneumonia. I spent 6 months in a wheel chair, and about a year and a half in crutches with an external fixator (my right tibia refused to heal). After my last op which was In January of 2009 they removed the external fixator and put in a plate, it started to heal.
In September of 2009 I was walking again but not 100% and I had put on 14 kg of weight. Frustrated by this I decided to loose the weight but I couldn’t do it alone and decided to contact a fitness specialist.
I met Dan with whom I started training. Slowly we worked on getting my fitness back and reducing my weight.

In 2011 I was determined to try something that has a been a life long dream of mine. The comrades marathon. With Dan’s help we started training, doing a maximum of 1.5 km a week. I was still a bit over weight and slow but we worked at it. Motivated by Dan, my brother (Husayn), and friend (Ebrahim), I kept going, I kept at it.

I had only been training seriously on the road from Jan 2012 until May and I had a goal set on just getting to that starting line. Keeping motivated and focused I qualified for the comrades with a time of 4hrs and 50min.

Hassan Asmall- An Inspirational Story

I started training with Dan in the middle of July 2012 when I was feeling bloated, and fat and just generally unfit and lazy.

From the very first session, in talking to Dan and working with him, I realised the massive difference between personal training, and simple training on your own. Besides the fact that he is right there beside you, spurring you on when you feel you simply cannot do another rep; I learnt that the beauty of personal training is that the workout is never boring, and nor is it ever easy! The fitter I have become, the more Dan has altered the workout; by doing this I am constantly working hard and never reaching a plateau of “oh this is becoming easier”. The challenge always remains and I LOVE that! Who wants to get too comfortable when you are trying to lose weight and get fit?

I have lost 22cm in total, and I have seen a huge change in my body and in my fitness. That very heavy feeling of not being agile has gone; I’m lighter on my feet and more comfortable in my own skin. It isn’t too terrible when people start telling you how you’ve lost weight either!

I’m extremely happy being a part of Dan Willment Fitness and I hope this facility in Hillcrest grows to become everything it deserves to be.

Abi Ray - East Coast Radio Presenter

Waking up on the 1st January 2012, I knew I needed to make a change. I weighed 152kg and was feeling very despondent.

I had been going to a well known gym but no one ever told me the correct way of exercising, and the instructors at the gym never really gave me the impression of wanting to help me without holding their hands out for a payment upfront before talking to me.

I saw an advert for Dan Willment Fitness and thought this would be my last attempt at trying to lose weight.  Dan greeted me with a smile and gave me advice on how to begin my journey before even asking me for any form of remuneration.

We took one step at a time, starting slowly, and so my journey began.  I won’t ever forget the humiliation of doing only three pushups!  I have come along way since then!

Dan continues to help me on my weight loss journey, adapting his programme based on my results and keeping my exercises different every week to keep pushing me to my full potential.

I could never think how I could have started this life changing journey without the help of Dan Willment Fitness.  If you need to make that change in your life, let Dan assist you in making it easy.  Once you make that step you will never look back.

I have lost over 112cms and 32kgs so far, thanks to Dan!


James Naude